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From 6° of Desperation to 99° of Cheerfulness

luglio 5, 2009

I was desperate. More than an housewives. Because I had a job but no reason to do it. So I decided to change project and I needed a role model. Surfing the web I’ve foud the field that I wanna explore (fan cultures) and the researchers that I wanna to became (d.b., N.B., H.J.).
The only problem was that they were to far away. So I decided to apply the six degree of separation theory to the IR Community, and after five years I can demostrate (with only one case, that of course it isn’t enought xP) that the degree are just three:

Me was o_O.

Me meets L.P. (1° degree) that introduced Me to ethnographic research on Internet Cultures.

Me meets F.G. (2° degree) that welcomed Me to the italian research community on social media.

Me meets d.b. (3° degree: target reached) that:

1 – inspired Me to deeply explore the trasnational flux of internet contents. In fact I was focused on the relation between American and Italian fan cultures. But what about the eastern contries, for example Cina, where the fansubber are faster that everywhere else? How many level of cultural re-interpretation (misinterpretation, recreation, irony, personalization) emerge?

2 – suggested Me to adapt the methodology to the youth : let’s follow them wherever they are. Let’s catch them from different channel. Online, offline, with e-mail, with flyers.

And now me is *_*…
…and (almost) ready to go back to the field work.


Addicted to Passion

giugno 30, 2009

Presentation prepared for Modernity 2.0. Emerging Social Media Technologies and their impacts | Urbino, Italy 29 June/5 July 2009

Modernity 0.0

giugno 30, 2009

01010001010101010000101010001 –> The Internet

01010;-)0<a>0:(010100LOL01010 –> The Web

0101XOXO010:)))))0101xP0100♥… –> The Networked Digital Media