About [s]culture

I’m currently studying the Italian Television Fandom with an ethnografic research on one of the two biggest Italian community of fansubbing.

I conceive the concept of [s]cultures to describe the fan cultures that I’ve experience since the late 90s (when I became a tv fan) and that I’ve observed as a social scientist since 2007 (when I began my PhD Research).

[s]cultures are no more subculture but still not mainstream culture.

[s]cultures are collaborative constructed by mobilized publics [Ito 2009]. In particular special interest group adopt and adomesticate the networked and digital media and remix cultural material producted by corporation.

The [s] in [s]cultures means also:

Starrign System: the social structure of the audience community of practice. It is a networked collectivism [Baym 2008] that perform his creative expertise remixing the visual image of the Star System to present themself.
They are motivated by passion and by the social acknowledgement of their peers.

Star and Stripes: the multimedia and multilanguage form of communication of the Italian Fandom.
The television fan mix the verbal and visual language remediating the traditional form of communication and creating new creative way of expression.
The italian fan integrate the english language in the interpersonal communication between italian peers and in their personal profile.
The italian subber translate the english slang term using italian slang term.



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